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World Transport Policy and Practice was initiated in 1995 by John Whitelegg. John has worked on transport policies and projects since 1973. In the last 40 years these projects have ranged over walking, cycling, public transport, roads and bypasses, ports, airports, India, China, Australia and most European countries. They have covered health, climate change, social justice and the urgent need to abandon the traditional mobility paradigm (more distance and faster travel is good) and replace it with something much more gentle, kind, child-centred and ecologically respectful and supportive of all age groups, both genders and all settlement types.

John’s approach to transport, mobility, social justice and fiscal prudence was summarised in March 2015 in speech to a transport conference in Erfurt in the former East Germany. In this speech he called for the total abandonment of the mobility paradigm and its replacement by an accessibility paradigm and specifically for 3 “zeros” and two things that must be maximised.

The zeros we urgently need are:

  • Zero deaths and serious injuries in the road traffic environment
  • Zero carbon transport
  • Zero air pollution in cities

The two maxima are:

  • Maximum possible number of trips on foot, by bike and by public transport in all settlement types including rural areas in all countries.
  • Maximum possible public use of public space and social interaction between friends and neighbours on streets that prioritise people and are not designed for cars

Click here for the full text of John’s Erfurt speech

New book: “Mobility”

John has recently completed a new book, to be published as e-book with the title “Mobility”. This book brings together 40 years of research, policy analysis, practical involvement and public inquiry work in one place

Click here for the contents page and introduction of John’s new book “Mobility”.