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John Whitelegg is the author, co-author, editor or co-editor of the following books. These are available on the internet.

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quality of lifeJohn Whitelegg

Quality of life and public management: redefining development in the local environment”


One False MoveHillman, M., Adams, J. and Whitelegg, J. (1990)

One False Move: A Study of Children’s Independent Mobility

Policy Studies Institute, London.

Traffic CongestionWhitelegg, J. (editor) (1992)

Traffic Congestion: Is There a Way Out?

Leading Edge Press, Hawes, Yorkshire

Hi SpeedWhitelegg, J. Hulten, S. and Flink, T. (eds) (1993)

High Speed Trains: fast tracks to the future

Leading Edge Press, Hawes, Yorkshire

Whitelegg, J. (1993)

Transport for a Sustainable Future: the case for Europe

Belhaven, London.

Critical Mass Whitelegg, J. (1997)

Critical Mass: Transport Environment and Society in the Twenty-first Century

Pluto Press, London.

GTBE Nick Williams, Maf Smith and John Whitelegg (1998)

Greening the Built Environment

Earthscan, London.

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Earth Whitelegg, J. and Haq, G. (eds) (2003)

The Earthscan Reader in World Transport Policy and Practice

Earthscan, London.

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